18 Jun, 2024
1 min read

French President Macron to propose draft law enshrining abortion rights in the constitution

French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday his government would put forward a draft law protecting abortion rights in the French constitution within months. France’s National Assembly had in November 2022 already voted in favour of the constitutional change, but without deciding on a timeline. The speech was made on International Woman’s Day, where Macron paid […]

2 mins read

Thousands march for International Women’s Day in Spain as lawmakers debate sexual consent law

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets across Spain on Wednesday for International Women’s day. In Barcelona, several thousand female students marched through the city centre, many wearing purple and waving banners reading: “Feminism means fighting” and “We’re brave and we want to be free”. And in Madrid, demonstrators prepared for the main […]

5 mins read

Who are the most wanted mobsters in Italy?

This Thursday, the trial of Sicilian mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro begins. Detained in Palermo last January after being on the run for 30 years, the capture of one of the country’s most notorious criminals is a reminder of the ongoing influence and presence of the mafia in Italy.  Messina Denaro’s name can now be […]

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Hiding in plain sight: Why are wanted Sicilian mafia bosses often found so close to home?

Matteo Messina Denaro, the “Last Godfather” is meant to appear before a court in L’Aquila on Thursday, where he’s appealing a life sentence over the 1992 murder of a mafia prosecutor. His arrest, thirty years after his conviction, has raised several questions. Although he was on Italy’s “most wanted” list for decades, ultimately police didn’t really […]

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What is kickingball and why is it played in Spain?

Kickingball, a mixture of football and baseball is experiencing a surge in popularity amongst Venezuelan refugees around the world, specifically in Spain, Argentina and the US. The sport is played exclusively by women in Venezuela and was introduced to the country by a teacher in 1965 as a variation of the two sports, the game […]